Now you can purchase handcrafted, Mid-Century Modern Bedroom furniture directly from our wood shop. All of our wood furniture pieces are carefully crafted in High River AB, by local craftsmen and shipped direct from our workshop to your home.

Our furniture cases are made of White Oak plywood with solid wood Tops, Fronts, Trim and Legs. We choose plywood to our frames rather than solid wood to provide needed strength for the frame and reach the affordable price point for you. We do not use any Particle board or MDF press boards in our furniture. Since there is no middleman, our factory direct wood furniture costs almost the same or just a little more than mass produced press board furniture. Backed with a 3-Year product warranty, you can feel confident knowing that Trendy Woodcraft bedroom furniture is built to stand up to daily usage, is heirloom quality and will last a lifetime!

Trendy Woodcraft uses White Oak, FSC Certified hardwoods that are responsibly harvested from North American forests. Please view the link for FSC, Forest Stewardship Council:

If you plan to purchase quality bedroom furniture, then you should know:

What is MDF and Particle board?

Majority of the bedroom furniture sold online today is highly mass produced from MDF and Particle board!!

Invented in the United States, MDF is a compound of wood dust and scrap bonded together by a resin containing formaldehyde - a recognised carcinogen. When MDF is cut, sanded, shaped or machined in any way, it releases clouds of dust particles coated with formaldehyde. The particles, much smaller than those emitted by most other commonly used woods, can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Since 1988, the Californian Building Industry Association has put up stickers in new homes containing MDF, warning: 'This house contains a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive hazards.' This complied with the state's anti-toxin laws but also ensured members did not face costly lawsuits from sick residents….

Did you know that majority of the bedroom furniture sold online today is highly mass produced from MDF and Particle board? Thousands of each type is made in one production run. This furniture is mass produced in the crowded factories in “offshore”, overseas countries by low paid workers and often with non -existing labor standards. Online Retailers use confusing, but “professional” terms for these materials such as: Manufactured Wood, Veneered Walnut, Engineered Wood, Wood Solids etc... This furniture can be very heavy giving the impression that it is well built and will last a long time.

Wood timber used on this furniture mostly comes from clear cut forests. In many cases these countries do not have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or laws in place to protect the wildlife, or to harvest the wood responsibly and sustainably.

Mass produced furniture can look very appealing, often labeled as “Wood” simply because the color mimics that of real wood. How ever this mass industry uses high volume and low-cost materials made of sawdust, like pressed Particle board and MDF that are designed to hit low product-price points. These frame materials are covered with surface veneers and finish that are “hair thin”. The surfaces will scratch and wear rapidly causing moisture/liquid (glass of water spilled to a surface) to absorb into the bottom layer material like Particle board or MDF. These materials do not handle moisture at all and will “swell” under moisture/humidity. These materials will also degrade rapidly, lose their structural ability and cannot be repaired or refinished. The result is a massive amount of products of throw-away quality and millions of tons of furniture ending up in landfills of the world each year.

See our test results below.

Trendy Woodcraft Furniture Care
Trendy Woodcraft Furniture Care

When exposed to moisture, MDF swelled 42% in the period of 24 hours. Marketing name: Manufactured/Engineered wood (pressed from sawdust)

Trendy Woodcraft Furniture Care
Trendy Woodcraft Furniture Care

When exposed to moisture, Particle board swelled 21% in the period of 24 hours. Marketing name: Manufactured /Engineered wood (pressed from wood particles and sawdust)

What to Look for When Purchasing Wood Furniture?

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The biggest mistake many people make when buying wood furniture online is purchasing a piece of furniture that isn’t actually made of all wood. Many retailers label their products as “wood” simply because the color mimics that of natural wood. For example the common confusing terms used are: “Made with solid and veneered walnut”, Engineered Wood, Manufactured Wood, Wood Solids and Veneers. Many types of wood look quite similar or can be stained to mimic another type to achieve lower material costs. An authentic piece will generally have some color variation and visible knots even within the individual boards. Additionally, it will have wavy or straight grain, perhaps with some curls.

How do I find, spot and select a good quality furniture piece among a sea of cheaply made products?

Find the true answers to these questions before purchasing:

  • Authenticity: Is it made of one type of wood or mix of different woods stained to look alike?

  • What material is under the top layer veneer? (most certainly MDF or Particle press board

  • Is there an “end” grain showing at the side of the face panels like drawer fronts etc…? (If you see vertical lines, the edge tape was used to “hide” under layer material.)

  • Craftsmanship: Is it well-crafted using best-in-class techniques?

  • Quality Guarantee: Does it come with a 3-Year Warranty?

  • Eco-Friendliness: Is the wood locally and sustainably harvested?

  • Care: What type of finish is used and what type of maintenance is required?