Your Order Procedure


After we receive your order, our team starts the planning process. Your furniture pieces are still mostly hand-crafted using the traditional techniques and joinery. When we craft your furniture, special consideration is given to the batch of materials we use. We carefully hand select materials giving special attention to the wood grain patterns and color variations based on your stain/ colour selection.

Trendy Woodcraft Handcraft Bedroom Set
Trendy Woodcraft Handcraft Bedroom Set

Crafted from Solid White Oak. NO Particle Board or MDF

Solid White Oak is one of Nature’s wonders. Hard, heavy, straight-grained and decay-resistant, this is how it was described when used by an ancient ship builders and wine barrel makers. All of our white oak is sustainably harvested, native hardwood species. Please view the link for FSC, Forest Stewardship Council: .

Precise cutting

Each piece is Quality Inspected



Trendy Woodcraft Handcraft Bedroom Set

Finishing is the final, important stage, where your Trendy furniture becomes a high-quality work of art. It includes multiple different processes, completed by hand. These steps give furniture a rich, soft look ensuring that your furniture pieces will look great for decades to come.

  • Wood sanded prior to finishing

  • Stained with a stain sprayer

  • Stain wiped down by hand

  • Two coats of sealant applied

  • Sealant is sanded

  • First coat of Seal-Max clear coat is applied

  • Fine hand sanding

  • Second coat of Seal-Max clear coat is applied

  • Dried using infrared heat, which gives a durable, longer-lasting finish


Trendy Woodcraft Handcraft Bedroom Set
Trendy Woodcraft Handcraft Bedroom Set

Now your furniture is ready to be shipping protected. All the pieces are first wrapped in protective foam. Corner protectors are then installed following a complete wrap with a corrugate packaging.

Your furniture is now ready to start journey to your home. See Shipping Procedure