How to care for your Modern, Mid-Century wood bedroom furniture.

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Thank you for choosing furniture that's made with environmental preservation in mind. Forest conservation is at the very heart of our mission and we are careful to ensure only responsibly harvested, North American lumber is used in the making of your furniture. We hope you rest better knowing that both your furniture and the forest from where it came will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Even after our wood is harvested and crafted into beautiful furniture, it continues to be a living and breathing material that responds to its environment just like a tree would in the forest. It expands and contracts with changes in humidity, and also changes color over time as it’s exposed to air and sunlight

The color of the wood grain can vary from pale to dark and its random patterns are solely natural. These patterns provide depth and elegance to your furniture while showcasing the exceptional and natural characteristics of the wood color. The color of wood also changes with age. This natural aging process will only enhance the beauty of your furniture.

Regular care means long term beauty for your Trendy Modern Wood Furniture:

To maintain its appearance, depth and elegance, your Trendy Wood Furniture requires minimum care. Our Seal-Max clear coat finish resists most household liquids up to 24 hours

Trendy Woodcraft Furniture Care

Our Seal-Max clear coat finish resists most household liquids up to 24 hours.

To avoid surface rings and heat damage always use under pads when setting glasses or mugs on the surface. Even though our furniture finish is toughest on the industry we recommend that spills or watermarks should be cleaned as soon as possible, using a soft damp cloth and then buffed dry with a soft dry cloth.

Clean frequently

Regular dusting is one of the best ways to take care of your Mid-Century Modern Furniture. Airborne particles can build a filmy layer that will scratch the surfaces. Always use soft cloth to avoid damage. If needed, sticky spots can be cleaned just with a slightly damp cloth. Ensure that surfaces are left dry. DO NOT use any furniture polishes or all- purpose cleaners as they contain chemicals and will dull and damage the finish.

Follow these simple tips to extend the life of your furniture

  • Immediately clean any surface spills off your furniture.

  • Clean your furniture regularly with a soft, lightly damp cloth. Ensure the surfaces are left dry

  • Avoid dragging your furniture when moving it.

  • Do not place your furniture near radiators, heat vents, direct sunlight or wood stoves.